ADVNTR Coffee Company

ADVNTR coffee is just what its name suggests, an adventure focused coffee company, which ethically roasts small-batch, premium coffee. Sheridan's vision is to craft the best coffee experience out there. This dream stems from his personal coffee journey, which spans over a decade and throughout dozens of countries and countless cups of coffee.

There is something uniquely special about the joy felt when sharing a delicious cup of coffee and ADVNTR coffee is here to cultivate more of those memories, and inspire the pursuit towards even more meaningful moments in life.

hand holding three ounce coffee bag by advntr coffee company with camp table in background
adventure camping coffee table with mugs and aerpress

Meet Sheridan, creator of ADVNTR Coffee Co.

Hey all! Thank you for stopping by ADVNTR coffee. This has been an epic dream of mine for years (the journey has been a big one to get to this point, I am so excited!)

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Craft Coffee for Adventurers

We are an emerging boutique coffee company with a strong emphasis on craftsmanship. Roasted in the heart of North Dakota, Sheridan's home state, ADVNTR coffee brings together the best of what makes the Midwest unique plus Sheridan's life experience living abroad and on the road as a nomad.

ADVNTR coffee operates in a unique way - instead of having the traditional cafe storefront, our focus is building a rad community of individuals online and in-person all across the country. Living a nomadic lifestyle Sheridan wanders constantly, selling ADVNTR coffee in-person, wherever he is currently located, and at events, connecting personally with people over a cup of coffee. The roastery is dedicatedly roasting in ND, operated by the best team to ensure that you can always enjoy premium roasted coffee by purchasing online, with our discounted flat-rate shipping.


Sheridan's vision is to build something meaningful, driven by purpose and passion. By holding those values close it means ADVNTR coffee is more than just a small roastery that makes great coffee, it is breaking the norm of business by putting passion first through things that shape our lives like - Activities, Community, Connection, and Nature.


Small-batch, premium roasted coffee beans make a stand-out, great cup of coffee, but to us that isn't what just makes our roasted coffee great, we know that at the heart of every cup drank is a person with their own story, life experiences, and dreams. Connecting with people is what truly makes a great cup of coffee for us.


ADVNTR Coffee Co. wishes to bring a deeper awareness regarding mental well-being and personal self-care, starting by Sheridan sharing his journey of personal growth & healing. We focus on the importance of cultivating an environment of care ever-revolving around Community, Connection, Activities, and Nature.


To overcome and heal from life's "Mountain Moments", and having the ability to always move forward, that takes true strength and is growth.

Life is a journey and throughout the journey of ADVNTR coffee we hope to grow enough into a business that can bring about positive change and inspiration.