ADVNTR Coffee Company

Here at ADVNTR Coffee we focus on 4 pillars to help inspire a more healthy and balanced life: Activities, Community, Connection, and Nature.

  • Belief

    By holding our values close it means we are more than just a new small startup that sells coffee (even if it is some pretty damn great coffee). Our vision is to build something meaningful, driven by purpose and passion.

  • Desire

    We wish to bring a deeper awareness regarding mental well-being and personal self-care, starting by sharing our journey and personal growth, to connect and cultivate an environment of care.

  • Growth

    Growth to us is staying positive while overcoming "Mountain Moments", focusing on healing oneself through passions, spending time in nature, having a tight-knit community, and developing meaningful, suppportive, connections.

Sheridan a creative photographer with Sony camera raised to his face taking a photo on the beach
Sheridan from Outsidevibes smiling wearing a red Eddie Bauer jacket in front of a volcanic peak
Sheridan from Outsidevibes sitting over a canyon smiling into the camera.
Sheridan from Outsidevibes taking a selfie in front of the mountains while hiking at Lake Louise in Banff National Park.

Meet the creator, Sheridan

Hey all! Thank you for stopping by ADVNTR Coffee. This has been an epic dream of mine for years (the journey has been a big one to get to this point and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!)

Coffee itself has made a huge impact on my life, it has influenced or connected me with basically all the things I value as an adult. Mental health, personal growth, a deep community, friendships, adventures and of course TRAVEL!

My coffee journey began a decade ago when I started traveling, coffee instantly became a way to bond and connect with the people I met abroad.

From that point onward I looked deeper into discovering different coffee styles and tastes while traveling, which led me fully into all things coffee, so much so that I completed SCA (specialty coffee association) roasting school in Bali, along with being apart of coffee sensory focused classes on the island. I also have to say I don't think I would have gotten the strength of building and launching a small coffee company if it wasn't for the deep conversations and connection I have had with a friend of mine who owns a cafe.

Outside of wanting to share my coffee passion, I am a person who has had to overcome some painful trauma and struggles to stay alive, this new journey with ADVNTR Coffee is a way for me to share and hopefully inspire others.