Sheridan from adventure coffee company at coffee roasting school

Meet Sheridan, creator of ADVNTR coffee

Coffee Journey

In one way or another coffee has influenced every aspect of my life, connecting me with basically all the things I value as an adult. From community and friendships, to personal grown and self-care, to striving and learning, heck coffee has even indulged in my desire of TRAVEL and adventure! It's easily said that coffee is a huge part of what fills my heart.

Even though I did not realize it at the time my specialty coffee journey began over a decade ago, in 2013, when I first left my small rural town in North Dakota to travel abroad. As a person who had never really drank coffee before that time, I had no real association to it, coffee was coffee. So when I truly discovered coffee, to me it became this avenue of bonding and connecting with people. Every new place I visited I ended up sharing a cup of coffee with someone. I learned about cultures and met amazing individuals, I shared stories, and had deep conversation over the simple act of sharing a cup of coffee.

Those first memories built the framework that would become one of the beliefs I have for ADVNTR Coffee Company and from that first realization I began looking deeper into experiencing all the different coffee styles, tastes, and culture that I could while traveling.

Roasting and starting an adventure coffee business

In 2022, while living in Bali, Indonesia, I began forming the basics of what I wanted to create for ADVNTR coffee. I attended one of the best coffee schools in the whole region, completing the Specialty Coffee Association's beginner and intermediate roasting program, alongside experiencing sensory development classes. I dove deeper into coffee than I had ever before and then spent the next year discovering beans, roast profiles, flavors, and tastes, and designing all the things for ADVNTR coffee, from the website, to packaging, styling, and fonts, doing photography, and social media, I even self-learned the process of setting up a food and beverage business in the USA, all while also working on the road as the solo-entrepreneur that I am. (which happened at a point in my life where I was also deeply looking inward to heal major personal wounds and trauma) BUT 2023 saw my coffee dream become reality when I sold my first roasted bag of ADVNTR coffee!

About Sheridan

As mentioned above I am from North Dakota, but I have called the road home for quite a while now, from being a backpacker, to digital nomad, to full-time van-lifer, and even freelancing while traveling for brands and outdoor companies as a professional photographer, I have lived more time with just a backpack on my back than younger me would have thought possible! 2023 saw me settle down a bit in the PNW, establishing my first home in a decade, to heal my soul a bit and focus on building ADVNTR coffee, while also gaining more stability to work and enjoy nature in a wonderful part of the country which I had never been.

Aside from diligently trying to launch and grow my roasted coffee business, I am a professional photographer, digital creator, and writer. Which all of these things are a completely different life compared to my past when I worked in the electrical industry.

Throughout these transformational years I have worked more odd jobs than I can count, in so many different industries, all of which have allowed me to eventually pursue my passions of ADVNTR coffee and photography.

I deeply enjoy hiking and spending time in nature, travel is a part of my soul, the adventures experience living on the road are unparalleled. Trail running is my escape, it helps me heal and ground myself, along with a nice fiction book.

Craft Coffee for Adventurers

Personally my goal with ADVNTR coffee is to just help others connect and create amazing memories, by providing a premium product, one full of thought and care. Coffee has brought so much joy to my life, I just want to be able to share that with others.

I am beyond thankful for my family and friends in North Dakota, without them even launching would not have been possible. Since my life is a little out-of-the-box, that support has helped ADVNTR coffee launch and keeps the roaster warm and the coffee fresh when I have divide my time and work elsewhere in the world.