Verdant Peak 3oz

Flavor profile - A vibrant flavor, which flows from floral to berry, and a hint of sweet vanilla.

Verdant Peak stands out as one of the most exquisite coffees we have ever curated. Hailing from the revered Keffa region of Ethiopia, known as the birthplace of Arabica coffee beans, this light roast boasts an unparalleled flavor profile. Its vibrant taste journey starts with floral notes, transitions into delightful berry nuances, and culminates with a subtle hint of sweet vanilla, creating an extraordinary sensory experience.

The burst of flavor from our Verdant Peak roast is a delightful companion on those leisurely days when our minds wander, reminiscing about past adventures. It also serves as the perfect pick-me-up when we long to infuse a touch of flavorful brightness into an otherwise dreary day. With each sip, the coffee's enchanting notes transport us to moments of joy and inspiration, making it an essential indulgence for reflective and uplifting moments.

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Roast Details

  • Roast Profile

    Light Roast

  • Coffee Bean Origin


  • Process


  • Altitude

    1890 - 1910 MASL

The equivalent of a panoramic view for your sense of taste.

Verdant Peak


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What our coffee customers are saying

Amazing small batch roaster with delicious flavor profiles! I usually like a lot of creamer but I drink advntr coffee black since it’s so smooth. My favorite is the summit seeker medium roast but all are great depending on the mood or time of day. Takes my home brew game to the next level!


The ultimate coffee experience! Really good quality, nice packaging and eco friendly. Would recommend the dark roast. Hints of chocolate are so yummy. Smells delightful too. Will come back for me. Delicious iced as well. Good people, good coffee = happy life.


I tried the Trail Runner medium roast and was pleasantly surprised by the unique profile of the coffee.


Summit Seeker is delicious and refreshing! Perfect as a summit reward or start to your day. Put in another order for more!


I will never be going back to store bought coffee. The trail runner medium roast is so smooth and earthy without that weird acidic taste. I am a complete coffee snob and am beyond impressed! Got a forever customer here!