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Oh hi! Glad to have you here.

Let's do a quick introduction, since that is what this blog post is all about! My name is Sheridan, I am photographer and the creator of Outsidevibes, a space where I share my photographs, writing and all things outdoor gear related, head over to the website if you want to discover more about that side of my life but for now let's talk about ROASTED COFFEE!

 Sheridan from Outsidevibes sitting over a canyon smiling into the camera.

 What is ADVNTR Coffee?

Aside from focusing on providing very small-batch, premium quality coffee, ADVNTR Coffee Company is centered around self-care and personal well-being and the four main pillars we feel support those.

  • Activities
  • Community
  • Connection
  • Nature

These four things have really been at the forefront of my life values over the past few years. I feel that each one of these is extremely important in maintaining a healthy well-being. So let's talk about them first then we will get deeper into how they tie into coffee as a whole (along with the products we are offering and vision for the brand!)


This is the backbone of the ADVNTR Coffee brand, from the name, to the designs and look, activities are quite important for what we are cultivating here. I am a huge fan of trying new activities and experiencing things. I feel there is so much joy that can be brought into life by having fun doing what you love. It doesn't matter what passion you pursue as long as it makes you happy, and that is what we are all about!

My personal favorite activities include, hiking, trail running, camping, snorkeling, reading, and walking around cities. I also fell in love with alpine adventures on my first and only high altitude summit a few years ago, so I am hoping to expanding my activity range deeper into that world and I kind-of want to dip my toes into climbing and canyoneering.


Okay my heart goes out to this, along with our Connection values, being a person that has spent a majority of my adult life solo and alone, I have really discovered the importance of having a stable community, not just for emotional and mental support, but it's something that every person needs in everyday life. (Gotta have your tribe! Those people who are in your corner cheering you on, the ones that will do anything for you.

Community can be easily taken for granted and overlooked, so we want to make sure that everyone who is apart of ADVNTR Coffee feels they belong, are seen, and can connect and expand their community to include us and others that are apart of ADVNTR.


Having a connection with someone, or people, where you feel completely at ease and comfortable is another important facet of life. There is so much happiness that we experience when are around those we care about, support and feel completely supported by.


There is something deeply ingrained in all of us that craves the outdoors, and so by escaping the office or city to place ourselves completely in nature, those are magical moments and also beneficial for our well-being.


The cool part about all of these things is that coffee ties into all of them!

ADVNTR Coffee Company

Shared on the About page, the desire to get into the coffee world is one spurred on by my first ever trip abroad back in 2013. Prior to leaving my hometown in North Dakota I had never really been an avid coffee drinker.

Flash forward 10+ years, countless cups drank, farms visited, interactions, and experience I have dove deeply into the realm that is coffee. Most recently I completed an official SCA (specialty coffee association) coffee roasting course and immersed myself into a sensory class to bring more understanding of the processes and details that come from growing, harvesting, roasting and brewing coffee.

All of those experiences, along with being inspired by conversations with my friend from home who has a cafe and my personal mental health journey have supported my vision of ADVNTR Coffee Company.

Coffee compliments so many parts of our lives and interactions to me it seamlessly ties into not just my everyday life but also it has influenced or connected me with basically all the things I value as an adult.

This is a daunting dream for me but I am also so excited for it. Thanks for being apart of this journey and let's see what kind of adventures we can have!

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